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What is CharityROOT?

CharityROOT is software that helps develop sustainable revenue streams. We provide you with a website that allows you to set up fundraisers, causes, and organizations. Your supporters can contribute by either buying a product or making a donation. The software automates order fulfillment and payment processing.

I'm happy with our current website. Do we have to switch?

No. We can, however, clone your existing site onto our platform.
You can also use our features by accessing

Feature Summary

Purchase with Purpose

Product Sales

Supporters can contribute to a cause through product purchases. The platform manages the global supply chain, point of sale, and distribution. As of Q1 2015, the platform can handle 4 types of product distribution:

  • Warehoused Physical Goods. The platform provisions the fulfillment of orders made online from our global network of warehouses.
  • On-Hand Physical Goods. Products can be sold online and shipped from a merchants on-hand inventory or purchased in person through the platform’s integration with the Square credit card reader.
  • Digital Goods. Media such as music, video, software, PDFs, etc. can be sold securely. Downloads are encrypted and restricted to ensure the creator’s property is protected from direct piracy.
  • Print On Demand. The platform can make any digital media file available for sale on canvas or poster print. No physical inventory is required. The media is printed and shipped to the consumer directly from the printer.

All products allow the product managers to clearly define costs and profit margin distribution. This information is then communicated to the consumer at the point of sale. For instance, if a musician commits to selling an album on the platform, they could break down revenue pledge like so:

  • $2.00 to paying off studio time (cost)
  • $4.00 to the Joyful Heart Daycare in Tijuana (credit)
  • $4.00 to the Jasmin Murray Leukemia Fund (credit)

This would make the album price $10.00. There is no field for setting the price of any product. The product manager can only compile a price by adding costs and credits.

Event Revenue

The software contains a full suite of features for managing fundraising events.

  • Ticket Sales. You may create multiple ticket types for event. For instance, you may have a standard ticket and a VIP ticket. At the door, you may either reference a printed list of the ticket holders or access the list via a mobile device to track attendance.
  • On Site Sales and Donation. The platform is integrated with the Square Credit Card reader. With an iPad or iPhone, you can sell tickets and accept donations at the door. If you have a data connection, ticket sales and donations will be reported back to the platform in real-time. This allows you to present a running total of your fundraising totals on monitors at your event.
  • Silent Auction. The platform allows for you to manage items that have been donated by sponsors. You can begin your silent auction on the site before the event begins by enabling bidding on the items.
  • Event Addons. You can also sell items to compliment the event. IE, drink tickets, raffle entries, preferrred seating, etc.


Donations may also be made to any cause or organization. Campaigns allow administrators to set goals and track revenue over a designated period of time. Users very often add an additional donation to product purchases.

Paid Membership

Site administrators can create custom monthly membership plans. Membership plans can also include custom incentives, such as first access to products, exclusive access to media, and social media recognition.


Each user will be given unique links to share with their community. When someone visits the site from one of these links, the originating user will be credited with the referral. This will allow users to keep track of metric such as:

Incentives may be awarded based on these metrics. These metrics will also identify Brand Ambassadors.


Site Administrators may define User Lists. These User Lists are a combination of manually added users and "smart" criteria.

Example User List Criteria:

  • Users who have interacted with Joyful Heart Daycare
  • Users who have referred at least 5 users
  • Users in Los Angeles

This list could then be used to send a newsletter or populate a targeted PPC custom audience. If we were to be holding a fundraising event in Los Angeles for an Education based cause, this list would be ideal for finding users who are likely to engage.

Marketing Engine

The platform has built in newsletter features. This allows communications to be highly interactive with the platform and highly customized toward the receiving user. The following metrics are tracked for each message sent:

  • Received
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Bounced

Measurables can then be compiled per Newsletter. For instance, if a Newsletter was sent requesting that users recruit their friends to sign up, we could measure exactly how many people signed up as a result of the Newsletter. More obviously though, we could measure exactly how much revenue was generated as a result of each newsletter.

Take Action

The platform has built in tools that allow community organizers to manage a large group of volunteers. These features can best be explained via a use case. Most of these features were built for the pilot program, Project Ana. Project Ana raised funds and organized trips to Tijuana to rehabilitate a day care in an impoverished community. The following features were built to help manage the logistics of executing a project and responsibly transporting 20 volunteers across international boundaries.

  • Volunteer Designation. Platform users can be designated as volunteers. This designation will open up a separate set of platform features.
  • Form Management. Volunteer users will be prompted to complete the following forms:
    • Waiver of Liability
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Medical Information
  • Project Budgeting. The platform allows project managers to maintain an active ledger of expected project costs. This assists in both collaboration and fundraising.
  • Mapping Features. Volunteers can share a link to a map with their family. It will show the exact locations where they will be and the routes that they will take. This is important when travelling internationally.
  • Sponsor Acknowledgment. Events and Fundraisers can designate sponsors. Sponsors may be prominently featured on the respective event and fundraiser pages as well as co-branded in marketing materials.


The platform provides content managers to create the following content types:

  • Organizations
  • Causes (child of Organization)
  • Campaigns (child of Cause)
  • Event (Child of Campaign, Cause, or Org)
  • Product (credits connected to Causes)
  • Stories (Tells a story on picture and video form)
  • Faces of (Tells the story of the people behind the orgs and causes)
  • Reviews (user contributed, attached to Organizations or Products)
  • Custom Web Pages
  • Blog Entries

Users may attach media (images and videos) to most content types. Most content types also allow users to be added with defined roles. For instance, John Doe could be added to the Bamboo T-Shirt product as the Product Designer; Jane Doe could be added to the Daycare Rehab Project as the Project Manager.

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